About us

PIZZUTO the label boutique by fashion designer Suzie Vella, in Paddington, Sydney, Australia.

The label name PIZZUTO was created in the early 2000's by the fashion designer Suzie Vella, who received an advanced diploma in Fashion Design from East Sydney Design Studio.

After research and her industry experience she focused on creating stepping stones for the label from her home, but increasing demand saw the opening of a wholesale showroom in 2005 in Surry Hills, Sydney, Australia. In 2007 the first flagship was unveiled on famous Oxford Street in Sydney. Today, PIZZUTO label is known for uncompromising Australian Made Design for any occasion. 

PIZZUTO aims to re-associate an emotional stigma in fashion design. Each garment is carefully planned and created to suit today's woman. Showcasing a collection of designs manipulated in vibrant hand painted silks, contrasting fabric textures and interpreting drape couture into ready to wear is her signature style, the fun and flirty but smart and sassy designs cater for fashion conscious women.